Live From Outer Space! at the Cobra Club

Incredibly fun show at the Cobra Club in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Riffin' on my intro up top then it's all aboard the joke bus to fun town, baby!

Improvised Stand Up at The Stand Comedy Club, NYC

Everything here is made up on the spot! ~*i Am A GeNiUs ArTiSt 'N' PeRfOrMeR*~

Heckler In Utah

lolol this guy heckled me in Utah. I was talking about depression meds and a couple shouted that they were on meds, too. Packages of them! I asked which ones AND. THEN. THIS. HAPPENED.

Schtick or Treat at the Knitting Factory, Brooklyn, 2016

Every year comics in the city dress up and perform as their favorite comics from yesteryear with their own special twist - this year I was Gene Wilder/Willy Wonka as "Strip Club Bouncer Willy Wonka" alongside my favorite stripper. Tons of fun & honored to be a part of it all!