2019 Acting Reel

Man's Worst Friend

A sketch I starred in & cowrote with Reverse Cowboys that was featured on The Huffington Post and Above Average.

From Boizone With Love

A sketch I wrote & starred in produced by Reverse Cowboys of Above Average. Holy shit look how long my hair was! Gross!

Dick Faucets

Featured on the Funny or Die front page for a few days, this sketch was written & directed by Boris Khaykin.

Commentary On: A Bar Fight

This is a sketch I appeared in for Above Average, the internet arm of Saturday Night Live's Lorne Michaels' company Broadway Video.


I got stuck in LAX airport overnight so I decided to bring back MTV CRIBS and show off my beautiful home!

Flirting: A Silent Film

A fun short silent film I made on my iPhone about flirting!